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Dardara offers you a range of natural possibilities with its surroundings, landscapes, forests and mountains. Dardara is situated in the middle of the Natural Park of Bouhachem and at the door of the National Park of Talassemtane, two interesting ecological and biological sites. Dardara is considered as the first rural sustainable and ecological project in northern Morocco. Jaber Elhababi created a sustainable spot on his grandfather’s land where cultures and traditions are mixed in a balanced way to make your stay peaceful and delightful. Dardara is to be the best familiar auberge in the Rif mountains. If you would like to get to know this interesting part of Morocco far away from touristic places Jaber and his staff will do their best to help you in your visits and discoveries. You will have the most personal and unforgettable stay ever. This is the place to find hidden artistic treasures near the most authentic traditions of Moroccan mountains.