Artisans in the Chefchaouen medinaChefchaouen from above with the sun settingChefchaouen medinaChefchaouen medinaChefchaouen medinaChefchaouen medinaChefchaouen medinaJaber at the top entrance to the Chefchaouen medinaJaber, Kritzlynn Al-Taib and Victoria Ahlén in the center of the Chefchaouen medinaThe blue color of Chefchaouen

When traveling to Chefchaouen, Dardara is the place  to stay and rest.

Chefchaouen, with a medieval medina of the 15th century built by Moulay Ali Ben rachid a Cherif (descendant of the Prophet), was developed by the rejected muslims of Al Andalus after the fall of Granada in 1492. The Blue Medina just ten minutes drive from Dardara is a nice day walk discovery of history, attractive paths, doors, shops and handcrafts, an array of colours and odours you will certainly enjoy. While walking in its streets you will feel out of this world in peace and tranquillity.