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Dardara offers you the possibility to share the best Jbala local meal you ever had. A real pleasure for the senses, a visual feast and olfactory delight! In Dardara you will taste new Mediterranean flavours, a form of new local cuisine with its refined and natural recepies. Dardara offers you a new concept of ecological cuisine with produces from our garden and the surrounding villages. In Dardara you will taste one of the best olive oils ever. We will introduce you to another way of experiencing rural Morrocan produces and how to valorize them in a sustainable way.

Jaber Elhababi will help you in all your research in such domains as he knows the right persons and the best places to see. Dardara is one of the first examples of the new experience of the “produits du terroir”. Dardara restaurant is now famous in Morocco for its originality and good food. People from all over the world come to taste its legendary “Goat Tajine with figs” or the fabulous “Bissara” , the dried beans cream with olive oil, garlic and cumin, a simple local meal of the Jbala People. Dardara’s experience with rural Jbala local food is almost the mail purpose of this sustainable idea of giving simple and local meals a place on touristic restaurant tables.

For Dardara and Jaber Elhababi it is a perfect way of sharing their experience. Rural gastronomy, a must when you visit the Rif mountains and the beauty of this remote country. Dardara has often been chosen to shoot culinary films and well known programs such as “Master Chef”.